Floral Hangover

I was having a discussion with one of my co-workers last week about beer and roses.  How every now and then, she’ll walk out back and dump some beer on her rosebushes, so I passed the message along to Heidi.  Heidi is great with Roses.  She works well with roses.  My rose bush is an unfortunate soul.  Anyway, Heidi called and had questions for my co-worker….How much beer per rose bush?  What if the rose bush has just been fertilized?  How often do you add beer?…. and the reply was…..i don’t know….i just pour  a beer on there every now and then.  SO, when Heidi’s father-in-law left a beer in her fridge, she took the opportunity to try this out for all of us.   I think my rose bush might need more than a hangover but if this works, I will have to run out and try.  p.s. if anyone has any rose expertise let us know, and Heidi will share her rose knowledge soon.

  1. This reminds me of your dad washing his hair with mayonnaise

      • chrissy j.
      • May 15th, 2010

      That is hilarious…coincidentally my mother used to wash her hair in beer.

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