Another adventure in nematodes

So far, so good with the nematodes in Heidi’s garden.  She has dug around to find no signs of grubs in the garden, so I wandered into Jericho Nursery the other day and grabbed myself a box.  I then managed to wander around the place without buying anything else….that’s something.

SO, while I was cooking dinner, I cracked open the box to the dismay of my husband.  He grossed out enough to take on the bug project!!!  Who knew that was all it took to get him in the garden???  Anyway, we improvised with the directions.  We used my kitchen strainer thing and a measuring cup (scientific, i know).  Steve started by soaking the lawn and the veggie beds, and then once the sun set enough to be below the house line, we went for it.  I hope to go digging in the next two weeks to see if they are gone, and then reseed the lawn.  The vegetable bed hasn’t been too affected by them. The weeds, however have been going crazy!!!  Oddly enough, my husband caught a “bug” himself and picked all the weeds!!!!   I think I’ll buy nematodes once a week.

I’m throwing in a picture of my holy brussels sprouts for your viewing enjoyment.  The ladybugs seem to be helping as far as I can tell at this point.  I am going back to Jericho this weekend to buy some more ladybugs and praying mantises.

    • Jason
    • June 5th, 2010

    That’s awesome! The veggies look great. Your garden at the school is kickin too. You ladies should create your own “Dirt Farmers Market” and set up shop in the parking lot. Just an idea to help you fund these great projects!

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