Just blow it up

That’s what I want to do to the yard right now: blow it up.  I have figured out that the thrill of gardening does a face plant for me in the fall.  I struggled this season with squash beetles, aphids and weeds.  My grass died of a grub overdose and then my weed wacker bit the dust.  I ended up taking a Saturday class, which landed right within the time frame of the Saturday market I like to visit.  Needless to say, I’m a little less enthusiastic about my yard these days.  I talked to a fellow gardener at Jericho Nursery and he said the same happens to him every year so he over plants and then gives up around mid September.  I spent the afternoon ripping all of the old veggies out and trying to dismantle the evil spiderweb weeds that took over.

ALAS, I will not give up.  Every year, I learn something more and this is only the second official year of vegetable gardening for me. I really hope that next year the squash beetles will not crush my dreams of pickles and zucchini bread.

One bit of positive news.  My arugula looks wonderful.  Now if I can just remember to EAT IT!!

p.s. the turtle is still alive and kicking…we have named him Sheldon.

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