We have been given the opportunity to take up a great deal on a bigger house.  The house is fantastic with great views of the empty mesa behind it, and yet only one thing makes me not want to leave this house that we’re in….my garden.  Now, I don’t have the most fabulous looking yard by any means, but it is extremely functional for our lifestyle and for my veggies. I feel like I’m starting to understand my garden beds.  So we lie in wait.

The good thing…the new house doesn’t have a very landscaped yard, so there is room to work.  It looks like they tried, but didn’t have a “plan.”  Now I am faced with the question of whether or not to begin prepping for this backyard or to prepare more of a container garden approach for the new yard.  I’m in the mood for the challenge and it would be great to blog about starting another yard from scratch.

In other news, my band just released our new album on!

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