procrastination station

I’m looking at seed websites and getting a tad bit overwhelmed, but that’s good.  It’s causing me to really think through which veggies I will plant this year.  For the first time, I have actually drawn up the crappiest representation of my yard and am planning on where to plant.  I am rotating everything this year, like I’m supposed to.  I am going to try to plant extra zucchini, melons and cucumbers this year and hope those squash beetles don’t come back this year.  I had big hopes and dreams of making my own spicy pickles last year and they flew out the window with those stinky, stupid bugs.

I might just get bold and scan my very interesting yard drawing.  I am debating on doing the companion planting that I did last year, but my husband was NOT a fan of the flowers.  I might do the companion planting sparingly.  Still no sign of the turtle that I neglected to write more about last year. If he comes back I’ll throw a little blog party for him.

I have big expectations for our garden this year and for the blog.  Heidi is about to start a big yard renovation and she promises to blog about it.  On a side note: we are staying in this house so I can focus solely on this yard which is exciting.

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