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Rethink The Food Label | Nutrition. Conversation. Design..

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Albuquerque Master Gardeners, Albuquerque gardening information

April Gardening Calendar for Albquerque –

Albuquerque Master Gardeners, Albuquerque gardening information.

Garden Rant: Sauce for the Gander

Monsanto sucks.

Garden Rant: Sauce for the Gander.



Heidi’s statement of the week

Monsanto is the devil.

procrastination station

I’m looking at seed websites and getting a tad bit overwhelmed, but that’s good.  It’s causing me to really think through which veggies I will plant this year.  For the first time, I have actually drawn up the crappiest representation of my yard and am planning on where to plant.  I am rotating everything this year, like I’m supposed to.  I am going to try to plant extra zucchini, melons and cucumbers this year and hope those squash beetles don’t come back this year.  I had big hopes and dreams of making my own spicy pickles last year and they flew out the window with those stinky, stupid bugs.

I might just get bold and scan my very interesting yard drawing.  I am debating on doing the companion planting that I did last year, but my husband was NOT a fan of the flowers.  I might do the companion planting sparingly.  Still no sign of the turtle that I neglected to write more about last year. If he comes back I’ll throw a little blog party for him.

I have big expectations for our garden this year and for the blog.  Heidi is about to start a big yard renovation and she promises to blog about it.  On a side note: we are staying in this house so I can focus solely on this yard which is exciting.


I finally got the compost in my beds.  It only took me until mid-January. I am very antsy for the lovely spring rain and the tiny buds of life in the garden.  Mid-winter is a bit overwhelming because I’m not wise on pruning yet, so everything in my garden just looks like it belongs in nightmare before christmas and I get worried that nothing will come back the way it should.

I’ve also been sitting around catching up on Martha Stewart and watching all of this healthy eating/healthy living t.v.  feeling a twinge of guilt.  I realize now how much healthier I eat during the planting season.  It’s like the act of gardening turns my mind to more healthy choices.  I have been putting on hibernation pounds haha.  Part of gardening is also the exercise I get in doing so.  I’m currently trying to talk my husband into an x-box kinect so the game can tell me what to do, since I was using the gym as a very expensive treadmill.  SO, here’s to trying to live healthier year round…

Week one of follow through

I have officially remembered to post once a week for ONE WEEK.  The gardening front has been slow.  My early Christmas presents are doing well on my windowsill (see pics below). The turtle has hopefully gone into deep cover because I haven’t seen him lately.  I will hopefully have time today to prep my beds (two months late).  I plan on pulling out some of my gardening books today and ACTUALLY plan out the garden layout and order some seeds.

My only problem with starting seeds indoors is not having anywhere to do so…so I might look into something for that problem when I’m out buying compost today.