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How To Plant Onion Seedlings | DigginFood

Great idea.

How To Plant Onion Seedlings | DigginFood.



An exciting delivery

I am very happy. I have three books that I am supposed to read as assignments, but another was delivered to my doorstep. I finally ordered, A Way to Garden: A hands on Primer for Every Season by Margaret Roach. Looks like the assignment books are officially on the back burner. I have had some of these “assignment” books for months, but give me a book like Mad Hungry by Lucinda Scala Quinn and it’s read cover to cover in less than a week. Hopefully this will prove to be the same.


the farm shop

How have I never been to The Farm Shop at Los Poblanos?  How have I never explored this wonderful local treasure?  I have only had the pleasure, up until a few weeks ago, of taking a field trip version of Los Poblanos to see the community aspect of it.  Which was great all on its own.  A few years ago we took some school kids and they let us all help fill pots and explore the farm area where alot of the veggies and sunflowers are grown to sell.  I had never been to the other side!

Everyone who lives here or visits needs to go support our local lavender farm and visit the farm shop which is full of wonderful lavender products, cookbooks and kitchen gadgets.  Not to mention the fact that the shop is located in the old dairy room.  They also offer tours on Sundays and a Barnyard experience for kids because they have animals right outside the shop.  I will be back to blog some more about this local treasure, hopefully with a better photographer (heidi!!) There is also an inn and a restaurant that I have not visited yet…plans are forthcoming.

Celebrating Soil for Earth Day · Punk Rock Gardens

Here’s a great blog entry about, what else, dirt!!

Celebrating Soil for Earth Day · Punk Rock Gardens.