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We have been given the opportunity to take up a great deal on a bigger house.  The house is fantastic with great views of the empty mesa behind it, and yet only one thing makes me not want to leave this house that we’re in….my garden.  Now, I don’t have the most fabulous looking yard by any means, but it is extremely functional for our lifestyle and for my veggies. I feel like I’m starting to understand my garden beds.  So we lie in wait.

The good thing…the new house doesn’t have a very landscaped yard, so there is room to work.  It looks like they tried, but didn’t have a “plan.”  Now I am faced with the question of whether or not to begin prepping for this backyard or to prepare more of a container garden approach for the new yard.  I’m in the mood for the challenge and it would be great to blog about starting another yard from scratch.

In other news, my band just released our new album on!


An exciting delivery

I am very happy. I have three books that I am supposed to read as assignments, but another was delivered to my doorstep. I finally ordered, A Way to Garden: A hands on Primer for Every Season by Margaret Roach. Looks like the assignment books are officially on the back burner. I have had some of these “assignment” books for months, but give me a book like Mad Hungry by Lucinda Scala Quinn and it’s read cover to cover in less than a week. Hopefully this will prove to be the same.


Excuses have their uses…

Well, I have some backed up posting to finish.  I have visited Los Poblanos Farm Shop, Los Ranchos Growers Market and have inherited a new turtle for the backyard.  I will be posting soon about all of this.  My only regret…not having my camera with me so I have better pictures.  Solution…get batteries for the camera and go back to all of these places.


I realize that I am slacking as of late on the blog.  The rest of my life has been crazy.  I will be back to blogging soon.  Small update, evil squash beetles ate my zucchini plant.  I am planning my revenge.

like a laser

This post has nothing to do with gardening, but it was funny enough that it was worthy of a mention.  The Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson was just on the news saying that he “concentrates like a laser.”  If only I’d thought of that.

May gardens

I know. I  know.  Who has time to look through a gallery this big?  Just say to yourself, “Chrissy just sat and renamed all of the picture files, so I’m going to look at each one of these and appreciate them.”  Thank you.

Crazy Weather

Well, for the last week, the weather has been quite crazy.  We’ve had winds that you could see from space (pretty cool video), freeze alerts and now hail pounding down on all my little carrot and beet sprouts and everything else for that matter.  I managed to save my pepper plants, herbs and tomatoes from the freeze by covering them with old sheets a few nights ago.   The rest of the plants did really well without being covered.  I will post soon about the Garden Sale that Heidi and I went to last week.  Life has been busy for Heidi and I, but I will be back to posting more often very soon.  I’m also trying to negotiate talks of a new camera so I can add better pictures of my own.

Our prayers are with our fellow gardeners in Nashville right now, dealing with flooding and tornado watches.