Just blow it up

That’s what I want to do to the yard right now: blow it up.  I have figured out that the thrill of gardening does a face plant for me in the fall.  I struggled this season with squash beetles, aphids and weeds.  My grass died of a grub overdose and then my weed wacker bit the dust.  I ended up taking a Saturday class, which landed right within the time frame of the Saturday market I like to visit.  Needless to say, I’m a little less enthusiastic about my yard these days.  I talked to a fellow gardener at Jericho Nursery and he said the same happens to him every year so he over plants and then gives up around mid September.  I spent the afternoon ripping all of the old veggies out and trying to dismantle the evil spiderweb weeds that took over.

ALAS, I will not give up.  Every year, I learn something more and this is only the second official year of vegetable gardening for me. I really hope that next year the squash beetles will not crush my dreams of pickles and zucchini bread.

One bit of positive news.  My arugula looks wonderful.  Now if I can just remember to EAT IT!!

p.s. the turtle is still alive and kicking…we have named him Sheldon.



I have been very busy. Busy enough to get home when the sun is setting almost every night, but I did not realize just how bad it had been until I walked into my garden today and just felt destroyed. It has been very hot lately, and I have not been consistently watering…thus a lot of damage has been done.

My mother-in-law helped me rip some weeds out, and i ended up pulling a lot of dead veggies out, including my corn and green beans. I guess if it takes a dead garden to remind me that my priorities are out of order, then so be it.

I guess I will go buy some cool weather veggies and hope to get back to my garden and this blog, because when I’m doing that it also means I’m at home with my kids enjoying the beautiful New Mexico weather.

the farm shop

How have I never been to The Farm Shop at Los Poblanos?  How have I never explored this wonderful local treasure?  I have only had the pleasure, up until a few weeks ago, of taking a field trip version of Los Poblanos to see the community aspect of it.  Which was great all on its own.  A few years ago we took some school kids and they let us all help fill pots and explore the farm area where alot of the veggies and sunflowers are grown to sell.  I had never been to the other side!

Everyone who lives here or visits needs to go support our local lavender farm and visit the farm shop which is full of wonderful lavender products, cookbooks and kitchen gadgets.  Not to mention the fact that the shop is located in the old dairy room.  They also offer tours on Sundays and a Barnyard experience for kids because they have animals right outside the shop.  I will be back to blog some more about this local treasure, hopefully with a better photographer (heidi!!) There is also an inn and a restaurant that I have not visited yet…plans are forthcoming.

Not enough time in a day

I need to get over my fear of storing and freezing my vegetables. I went out to pick some green beans the other day, and they were dry on the vine!!! This is how much time I have to myself as of late. I get home late and have to leave right after watering in the morning. Does anyone have any tips for freezing vegetables?

Also, I can’t find the turtle that I have yet to introduce you to. I was hoping to take better photos of the little guy. I’m convinced he might have crawled into the house, but my husband looks at me like i’ve lost it, so maybe he’s just hiding better than usual.

Los Ranchos Growers Market

So, for the last two weekends I actually made it out to the Los Ranchos Growers Market.  I have been wanting to take this blog “on the road” and go out to a bunch of different local places.   I have actually made it to a couple, one being the mentioned growers market.  One reason it took me so long to post about this is because I have terrible talent with photo taking, especially in public places.  Now, the photographer in this dynamic duo is going to start attending these types of things with me, as soon as I stop making last minute decisions to attend. I realized today after a brief trip to the local aquarium that my children have a better eye for photography than i do.

SO ABOUT THE LOS RANCHOS GROWERS MARKET (took me long enough to get to the point, didn’t it).

I enjoy wandering around this market, and to be honest, it’s the only one i’ve been to.  i realize that this is horrible, but i will get around to the others soon enough.  The fishhugger booth resides at this growers market, so I always pick this one first.  We sampled one of the many types of honey they have at their table.  They have two locals, mountain and desert, and we tried the desert.  I was reminded that honey is extremely tasty and I should use it more.

I didn’t buy anything this week, but last week bought two massive zucchinis off of a nice old couple, and have made zucchini bread since that was just wonderful.  Since the squash bugs obliterated every squash, melon and cuke plant i had in the back, i have replanted seeds, but buy local in the interim.  I have spoken with several growers who have said that most of their squash and cuke plants have met the same demise.  It is very frustrating, but i will keep trying to grow them.   I was even lucky enough to have a husband with a good eye, who found me a box turtle.  The turtle was wandering up our street. I will post about him soon because i have many question and are hoping that someone out there has some answers.  I’m hoping he will have a feast on these evil bugs.

Posts to come: Los Poblanos Farm Shop, our box turtle (who is yet to be named something i approve of), and veggies of our labor.

Excuses have their uses…

Well, I have some backed up posting to finish.  I have visited Los Poblanos Farm Shop, Los Ranchos Growers Market and have inherited a new turtle for the backyard.  I will be posting soon about all of this.  My only regret…not having my camera with me so I have better pictures.  Solution…get batteries for the camera and go back to all of these places.


I know we have been absent as of late.  I have a million excuses, but they will all be forgotten when I introduce our new field test expert, Jason Smithelhausen.  He has some random experience here and there, and definitely knows his way around a rose bush or two, but, most of all, he is willing to try anything we ask for the sake of gardeners abroad.  For his first venture into field testing, we test the validity of drowning grubs in beer.   The rumor is if you dig a bowl of beer down into the dirt, the grubs will be attracted to it and drown in the liquid.  The result of Jason’s field test: